Updated Traditional Arts


脡s un projecte Erasmus integrat per Turquia, Est貌nia, Pol貌nia, Portugal i It脿lia. Aquest projecte es basa en la premissa de que tenim alumnes que, tot i la seva v脿lua acad猫mica, prefereixen no participar en activitats socials i/o art铆stiques.

We determined that our students don’t recognize their own culture enough and despite the students are very clever and successful in the academic fields, they don’t prefer to join social and artical activities.
As the partner teachers think that we can raise awareness for own cultural factors with some traditional artical activities which are integrated to ICT fields. We have an Erasmus+ ka229 project with same tittle and want to integrate the activities to Twinspace as dissemination. Thus, we can share our experiences with wider masses.