General Organisation of Programme activities

Please describe the administrative and academic structure put in place at your institution for the organisation and implementation of European and international mobility.

Please provide a detailed description of the division of tasks and responsibilities among the staff in charge,with regards to both the administrative and academic decision-making processes.

Describe also the operational and communication methods.



First Name :CARIDAD



Position :TEACHER


Telephone (including country / area codes) : 00 34 938330751

Address (n°, street, avenue, etc): C/Bisbe Perelló, s/n

Country ES:, Spain


Post code: 08295

City: Sant Vicenç de Castellet

The person in charge of this activity is the Coordinator of Mobility and she usually belongs to the Department of foreign languages. Her functions are all the tasks regarding the international mobility: searching of partners, administrative processes, travelling data…

This coordinator will be set in the Foreign Language Department, where there are all the necessary facilities to carry out her tasks.

The promotion of the Erasmus Project will be conducted from the Institute web page, where there will be a specific  section with this purpose, the promotion of the international mobility. The Erasmus logo will appear in every official document of the Institute.

The internal promotion for the students who can be interested in this mobility will bw done jus right at the beginning of the academic course. The mobility coordinator together with the former students who had participated in the project previously will explain their experience within the project.

Castellet Institute is a public Secondary and High School depending on the Spanish Ministry of Education, which has transferred the competence for this project to the Catalan Ministry of Education. This one controls all the mobility projects in Catalonia and has created a mobility network able to give support to all the schools which ask for Erasmus projects and at the same time facilitates the experience interchange among these.